Health-care service that can save / manage your health examination result in the smart phone so that they can be linked to different kinds of health devices and be helpful for health promotion
Introduce CheckUp+

This service is used for sending the health examination result to the customer’s smart phone and data can be accumulated and compared with other hospitals.
By saving health examination result to your smart phone, you can easily check the result without having to go through login procedure.

Patent Registration 10 - 1745643

Patent Application 10 - 2016 - 164616

Policy Change
Based on health examination: Enacted: 2017.01.01, Notification from Ministry of Health and Welfare No. 2016-252, partially modified in December 26th, 2016
Article 11(Notification of Health Examination Result): Health examination institution shall write the result notification upon completion of health examination and notify the results within 15 days via mail, e-mail, and mobile method. (Modified: December 26th, 2016)
Additional Rules (No. 2016 - 252, 2016.12.26): This notification shall come into force from January 1st, 2017. However, modified regulation, which is specified in Article 11, Paragraph 1, shall come into force from January 1st, 2018.
Easy to use owing to intuitive interface
Clear purpose in application services
Every data is encrypted and saved in the smart phone
PIN setting has been applied to block the 3rd party access once the smart phone is lost
It is supported both in Android and iPhone.
Minimized the disturbing factor
By displaying the examination result, which has deviated from normal range, results can be easily checked.
By providing past examination result and cloud service, it can be helpful for managing the customers’ history and health.
Check the past examination history and print out the result in PDF
Back-up / restore cloud
Other than providing the examination result, it can be used for adding post-management items such as metabolic syndrome, weight, blood pressure management, and blood sugar management for improving customers’ satisfaction.